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The computer-based test consists of five sections scored between 300 and 900 points each.

The sections of the UCAT exam are to be attempted in the sequence presented

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  • Dedicated Instructors with excellent teaching experience
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Book & Resources

  • Book on quantitative reasoning consisting of basics, techniques & practice exercises
  • Book on verbal reasoning consisting of basics, techniques, practice exercises with explanatory notes

  • Book on Analytical writing (sample essays on analytical writing)

  • Book on Integrated reasoning consisting of basics and practice exercises

  • One latest version of GMAT Official Guide (pack of 3 books)


Tests & Online Resources

  • Get access to online tests, mock tests designed by Magnus team
  • Additional recorded sessions/videos 
  • Live webinars by experts for complicated topics
  • Step wise study plan for Verbal & Quant

Admission/Application Support

  • University application support by admission experts
  • University applications webinars
  • Live sessions with university alumni & admits

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