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News & Updates : SAT is going digital from 2023 | You can do GMAT test from home now | 1st round Instead MBA application deadline on 1st March | UK is offering 2 years post study work visa from 2021 | Congratulations Ridhi on scoring 1520 on SAT test! | Congratulations Pratik for scoring 1460 on SAT test! | Congratulations Ajay for scoring 8 bands in IELTS!

Getting a desired MBA degree from your desired B school is always a kind of game changer or a turning point for you. Here at Magnus, we have created a strong team of expert consultants ( with different specializations) who help you create a strong profile and visualize your goals and objectives by guiding from building all your applications, MBA essays/LORs etc, choosing the right and best B schools to further financial guidance/scholarship. We have extensively applied for Full time, Part time or executive MBA courses in various Top B schools & others.

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It depends on the country and course you are applying to, however most of the master courses’ deadlines are 6-10 months earlier. Also if you have to do GRE/GMAT, your preparation regarding applications can begin as early as 

Not necessary but it may be required for some courses in certain universities.

GRE test scores are needed for many master courses in the USA and GMAT in some management master courses, however there are other universities which do not require either.

Yes, you can do 20 hrs/week work during semesters and 40 hrs during semester breaks

For most of the top universities, you need  GRE/GMAT test scores besides academics and work experience in certain cases.

Usually the deadlines are 6-10 months in advance from the semester intake. E.g. for fall ( Aug-Sep) intake, usually the deadlines start from Oct-Nov of the last year

Yes, there are lot of scholarships are available for MBA courses

It totally depends on the universities and courses you want to apply for, however fees for MBA courses may range anything between $12000-$30000 per annum.

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Getting 760 was my minimum target to get admitted in M7 universities. Fortunately I choose Magnus in my journey. Magnus have very experienced and dedicated training team.
GMAT Student
I am very thankful for the overall guidance regarding my GRE test prep and Master application process. It was due to their special guidance that I could secure my admission in the RWTH Aachen ( Germany) in Mechanical Engineering.
GMAT Student
GAMT prep depends a lot on your study resources. Magnus has good online tests and other material. They also provide lot of help in admission process. I improved my scores significantly
GMAT Student







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