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MBA Application

Full Time MBA Vs Executive MBA

Participants in the MBA programme are early and mid-career professionals, with an average age of 29 and with 6 years’ work experience. Peers in the classroom are younger professionals and a few seasoned managers. Most of them are motivated to do an MBA out of desire for a career change. The MBA programme is delivered in a full-time format and lasts 10 months.
Executive MBA
Participants in the Executive MBA programme are senior professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills. Their average age is 38 and with an average 13 years’ work experience. The learning environment is built by established executives with solid experience in leading people who strive to excel further. The Leadership Development Programme provides an academic and coaching experience that addresses these needs. The EMBA is delivered in a format that can combine studies and a successful career. The programme runs between 14 and 18 months and is split into short modules. The format enables participants to apply what they have learnt in the workplace during their studies, bringing added value to the employer as well as boosting their own knowledge.
Both the MBA and the EMBA are Master’s degree programmes in business administration taking alumni to the next level of global business leadership.

Undergrad Application

What is the right time to start preparing for college applications?

During my experience of consulting students , many times I came across parents and even students who are completely clueless regarding their UG courses/applications.

SAT Preparation

Is SAT test scores crucial for college applications?

Well, as during COVID lot of colleges have gone test optional, this is a common question asked by many students and parents. So here is a thing that one has to look beyond the cover page.Just
because some University has made SAT….

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