Build Your MBA Essays As Your Application Backbone!

Your GMAT scores, evaluations, and work experience don’t disclose to them who you truly are.

Nothing strikes greater terror in business school applicants than the prospect of penning a 650-word piece of expository writing to “discuss your most important accomplishments to date.” Or to answer the question, “Why have you decided to apply to this MBA program?” Or to address that topic as wide and deep as the Pacific Ocean: “Give a brief, candid evaluation of yourself.”

The Schools use essays to perceive how you think and experience a manner of thinking to go to an answer, so they become acquainted with the response to the paper question, yet in addition about how you arrived at that answer. With ‘Objectives’ exposition they need to realize what made you set these objectives, what your point of view was, what your encounters/achievements were that prompted these objectives, and how you intend to accomplish these objectives.