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News & Updates : SAT is going digital from 2023 | You can do GMAT test from home now | 1st round Instead MBA application deadline on 1st March | UK is offering 2 years post study work visa from 2021 | Congratulations Ridhi on scoring 1520 on SAT test! | Congratulations Pratik for scoring 1460 on SAT test! | Congratulations Ajay for scoring 8 bands in IELTS!


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About Tutoring

The subject tutoring program is specifically crafted to teach different techniques and develop confidence in students to solve problems which are in accordance with their school curriculum.

Why should You Choose Magnus:

IGCSE & IB Trained Teachers

Learn from IIT-NIT alumni with more than 1,000 hours of teaching IGCSE & IB Grade IX, X, XI and Grade XII curriculum

In-depth coverage of topics

Learn concepts, problems-solving skills, and tricks to improve marks in each topic of the actual exam with customized lesson plans.

1-1 doubt/feedback sessions

Get unlimited individual doubt clearing sessions for understanding difficult and tricky questions separately and know a personalized

magnus education consultant

Regular assignments

Solve assignments covering all units and discuss them with experts.

magnus education consultant

Customized Lessons

We focus on every single student and offer a well curated roadmap

magnus education consultant

Regular Progress Assessments

Get weekly and monthly assessment report subject-wise to understand the areas of improvements.

Training Courses

We offer tailor made Tutoring Program courses to help you get best results

Get an assessment on your current level

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What our student says

I did my IGCSE math's classes and my teacher was excellent. His extensive knowledge about the subject certainly helped me through IGCSE. Her loving and caring nature made classes more enjoyable and his consistent motivation helped me hit through the IGCSE with A*. Math was something I was always afraid of, but after a few classes I started looking forward to studying math.


HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

Scoring 1540 in SAT was like a dream for me which was made a reality by my trainers who were always available to help me. I was not so good at math and therefore always feared that I might not be doing so well but scoring 780 in math section is like a real excellence and I am thankful to Magnus & team!

Joshua Koh

My experience within Magnus has been great so far. There are a plenty of reasons for choosing Magnus. Some of which are the great faculty and the flexible timings. It's also convenient to come and go as the metro is always available.

Abdul Khadir Mashha

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

Hey there, my name is Neha. I am 14 years old and doing my IB . 2 Years ago I moved school from Indian High School to my current school and it was a great change for me and my shift from CBSC to IB was quite demanding. Anyway when I joined Magnus, I noticed a significant change in tutoring since I have to a lot of tuition in my past. However this one was definitely different and more effective.

Neha Vasishth


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Full Time MBA Vs Executive MBA

Participants in the MBA programme are early and mid-career professionals, with an average age of 29 and with 6 years’ work experience. Peers in the classroom are younger professionals and a few seasoned managers. Most of them are motivated to do an MBA out of  desire..

MBA Application

Build Your MBA Essays As Your Application Backbone!

Your GMAT scores, evaluations, and work experience don’t disclose to them who you truly are. Nothing strikes greater terror in business school applicants than the prospect of penning a 650-word piece of expository writing to “discuss your most important..

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Realistic Content & Live Classes

Dignostic Test : Course is structured on the basis of strength & weakness. Concept Builders : Precise concepts with Fast Learning

Doubt Solving Sessions with Expert Mentor

E-Mentoring : One-to-One doubt clearing sessions on virtual platform. Crack the Exam.

Accessible 24 X 7 & Exam Oriented Package

Video Lessons : Lectures available on virtual platform for thorough understanding. Live & Interactive access like actual classroom environment on web browser

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