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News & Updates : SAT is going digital from 2023 | You can do GMAT test from home now | 1st round Instead MBA application deadline on 1st March | UK is offering 2 years post study work visa from 2021 | Congratulations Ridhi on scoring 1520 on SAT test! | Congratulations Pratik for scoring 1460 on SAT test! | Congratulations Ajay for scoring 8 bands in IELTS!

Deciding the right undergraduate course & university is so important that if not chosen correctly or on time, it may change the rest of your life. Usually college applications begin during the final of school (IB year12/JC 2/12th grade), however the real process of building a strong profile and goal alignment may start 2-4 years before if you are keen on top colleges/Ivy Leagues.

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Usually most of the deadlines for UG courses are roughly 8-12 months in advance. Since one needs to prepare for certain tests (SAT/AP/UCAT etc) along with the college search and application essays. We suggest the real process starts quite earlier. To get the optimum benefit of your available time, starting earliest is always better.

Most of the deadlines for fall semester applicants will come between September and January, depending on the school. A very common college application deadline is November 15.

Students get very good scholarships for UG courses depending on their profile. Besides academics, in the USA, SAT test scores also play a very important role in scholarships. There couldĀ  be different deadlines if one is keen on scholarships ( usually earlier) So keep yourself updated on different universities and the deadlines.

Most commonly, universities require academic certificates & predictive scores, college application essays, recommendation letters, SAT/ACT test scores ( For USA, Canada, Singapore) besides some portfolios for some specific Arts & Design courses.

It depends on where and for which course are you applying for. Students mostly need SAT azores for USA, Canada, Singapore and BMAT, UCAT for medical courses in the UK.

Yes, you can work part time during your bachelor’s and support your studies and can gain some substantial experience as well.

What is the average cost of undergrad courses?

It totally depends on the college and course you want to apply for, however it may range anything between $12000-$20000 per annum.

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I joined Magnus for my GRE test prep and I was very satisfied with the training and guidance. They really taught me some unique approaches and techniques that I could maximize my scores.
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I am very thankful for the overall guidance regarding my GRE test prep and Master application process. It was due to their special guidance that I could secure my admission in the RWTH Aachen ( Germany) in Mechanical Engineering.
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I am basically from Iran and wanted to go to USA for my further master studies, however it was always very tough. I had only the option to have great scores at my test and build a very strong profile. The Magnus team helped me thoroughly on this and I could finally fulfill my dream!
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