Higher study is always more demanding in terms of its outcome and further access for undergraduate and master courses both. When it comes to going overseas, there are three main factors to consider: Quality of Education, Cost of Education & Opportunities after Education and we find German universities offer a good blend of all these.

In India around 10 million students graduate every year, however how many universities are well equipped to accommodate these students is a question mark and therefore many students will end up studying in B or C grade universities in spite of being enough. Increasing number of students, and international standards specially in stem fields have made the admissions in desirable universities already very hard and after completing the degrees, the struggle to get a good job, further growth is even more challenging resulting into a further quest for some better options overseas.

When we talk about overseas universities, Germany is emerging as a favorite destination among India students to study due to its world class education legacy, free education policy & network of many well recognized industries. Therefore for lot of students who really want to access internationally valued and recognized education without shelving a a lot of $$$, Germany is a good choice!

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