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How to choose between an MBA and MS degree

When deciding if you should pursue an MBA versus an MS degree, consider these factors:

Educational requirements: Both degrees typically require a bachelor’s degree, but an MS degree may have additional requirements, such as a specific undergraduate degree or prerequisite coursework. For example, an MS in Marketing may require undergraduate work in marketing or communications.

Personal and professional goals: Knowing what your career goals are can help you decide between an MBA and an MS degree. If you plan to focus your career on a particular field, such as economics or analytics, an MS degree may be a better fit. If you would like to manage teams or be involved with a variety of business functions, an MBA may be a better fit.

You should also determine if you would like to focus on a particular concentration or pursue a post-graduate certificate. If you would like to pursue a certificate, an MBA is a good choice because it provides you a strong foundation of general business knowledge on which you can build.

Flexibility: Do you plan to work while pursuing your MBA or MS degree? If you plan to work, look for a program that offers flexible schedules, online, or blended online and in-person coursework.