Study Abroad For Indian Students

As the world is changing and so are we! Whatever was an accomplishment 10 years before is no more significant or may even not applicable.

In order to keep a pace with changes and challenges, Indian students need a fundamental change in the education and exposure for being more able to deal with new dynamics and many of them find that studying abroad offers them more opportunities and better exposure. 

A survey in India says that 90% students want to go abroad to study further and that seems like our new generation is realizing the need for this and I believe that looking at the current increasing demands, we have to come out and embrace the changes if we want to see some different results. There are some very important points to look:

  1. The ratio of education institutes and number of perspective students does not support that the fact that everyone will be able to get admissions.
  2. This also results into a higher competition and tough selection process e.g. IIT, AIIMS, IIMS and other institutions.
  3. These left out students either waste their years or end up studying in any B grade or C grade university
  4. Now look at the ratio of college and university passed out graduates and available jobs: this imposes another challenge on the fresh graduates and again here those who are from top universities can manage to get some good opportunities, however many of these fresh graduates keep struggling without job, with some jobs ( not well paid or stable) leading to more frustration and depression.
  5. Besides that those who get job, still somewhere not very happy with overall progress and want to explore the world

While if you go abroad:

  1. You have plenty of options. There are 1000+ reputed universities.
  2. Lesser struggle: The kind of profile or scores one needs to get a premium institute, you can get something comparatively better if you apply overseas
  3. Another most important thing, you can get many more job options if you choose a right course at the right university
  4. PR & further Post Work Permits are always like cherry on the cake to offer you further flexibility to decide about your future.

Finally I would like to say that going abroad is not always so costly. And if you keep the future and opportunities in mind, it is always more advantageous. Magnus has placed many students through top universities and they are working at very good positions with good perks. Finally what we suggest is that, you take your higher education decisions more carefully and based on a cognitive research.