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Is SAT test scores crucial for college applications?

Well, as during COVID lot of colleges have gone test optional, this is a common question asked by many students and parents. So here is a thing that one has to look beyond the cover page. Just because some University has made SAT test scores optional, does not mean that they guarantee the admit. Secondly if someone who decides not to write SAT, has to be very confident about his/her academics & profile as that will be the main focus of assessment.

Now if have to understand why universities made the SAT OPTIONAL, there are two things:


  1. during COVID 19, due to lot of logistics issues, many students were unable to produce SAT scores
  2. Removing mandatory SAT score prerequisite, will help university to receive more number of applicants and eventually that will help them to have more diverse group of applicants and also it will improve their ranking as their acceptance rate will go down.


Therefore, what I suggest if someone has to skip SAT, one has to be very excellent at academic to ensure that you can beat the competition.