What students need during admissions is a very undefined and ambiguous thing as many of the students are completely focused on the academics and doing brilliant , however they miss on certain parallel opportunities to enhance their other skills as most of these universities are not simply looking at the mundane part of academics, they already get thousands of a hundred applications with top scorers and now they have to shortlist students based on other factors.

Though there is no standard rule for this, these are some qualities most of the students had in common:


    1. Dedication – Demonstrate a long term commitment to some activity whether it be volunteering at a community center, playing football, or debate team.

    1. Initiative – Show that you are willing to go beyond what is merely expected. This can take the form of starting a new club at your school or simply coming up with new ways to optimize existing activities you are a part of.

    1. Self-Reflection – You essay is an excellent opportunity to dig deeper than simply reciting a story and really give colleges a view into how you think and your internal processes of growth.

    1. Quantifiable Success – Whether it’s ranking second in the state in swimming or winning X number of debate tournaments, it is helpful to show definitive evidence of past successes.

So finally what can be calculated is that if you want to apply to the top universities, you need to be aware of what universities are looking for and accordingly displaying your passion and other corresponding qualities & skills in a progressive graph, however that once can do only in a certain time and therefore starting your profile building at the right time is very important to avail all opportunities.

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