6 Main Reasons to Study in Ireland

As a best place declared for the business, and 3rd richest nation in the world with a rich culture and heritage, Ireland stands out as the best place to study, work and settle. Since Brexit, Ireland has emerged as the most favorite destination among students due to close proximity with USA  & Europe (geographically), low taxes, better job opportunities, rich culture, safety and moderate climate.

Google, Apple, LinkedIn and PayPal are just some of the companies that hold their European Headquarters in Ireland. Moreover, most of the biggest pharma companies in the world are manufacturing in Ireland, and 50% of the world’s leading Financial Firms also have their offices here.

1. Strong economy: Compared to UK, Ireland has much better economy with multiple international companies growing substantially. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, currently having their headquarter in Dublin, it is clear that Ireland is considered a best business hub.

2. Better Opportunities: In whole Europe, Ireland offers the better opportunities in the field of technology, medicine to management or others. With constantly  growing economy, there is influx of growing need of skilled people and therefore holding a good qualification ( needed in the market) will certainly land you good opportunity.

3.Innovation Leader: Ireland is 10th in the world’s Innovation Index. It offers world’s best infrastructure and research facility. Besides IT sector, pharma is also

4.  Gateway to Europe:  Being a member of the European Union, Ireland offers immigrants or people living in the country  the opportunity to live and work in an EU country, extending doors of further opportunities for travel and business within the EU’s whole travel area.

 5. Life Quality: Ireland definitely offers that standard of living that one can enjoy living there. As Ireland offers the fantastic blend of natural beauty and working businesses, one can certainly have a sustainable stay. Low cost of house and cars, low taxes on business, free health care & education all together make Ireland a good choice to settle besides its geographical location near to USA as well.

6. English Speaking Population : In whole Europe, Ireland is the only country which is having dominant English Speaking population and therefore making it ideal for many MNCs to open their headquarter there since English is still most sought after commination language for many businesses. Also for many foreigner, specially Indians it is an added advantage compared to other countries in EU.

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