IELTS Top Scorers Omkar Kale - Band 7, Padmaja Kanade - Band 7, Akash Evans - Band 7.5, Hrushikesh Bhosale - Band 7.5 Congratulations...!! GMAT Top Scores Fazal Ahmed - 760, Dinesh Goteti - 750, Binay Singh - 740, Arun Agarwal - 720, Harmeet Singh - 700 Congratulations...!! GRE Scores Nishigandha - 320, Ayushi Jain - 317, Rajesh Subramanyam - 316, Rupesh Kothari - 315 Congratulations...!!
Star performers Magnus
Fazal Ahmed-760,
Dinesh Goteti- 750,
Arun Agarwal- 720
Harmeet Singh-700
score on GMAT..

Binay Singh
Binay Singh scores 740 on GMAT on 8th July'10 Congratulations
congratulations !!

Rushi & Rahul Bansal
Rushi & Rahul Bansal score 1400 & 1340 respectively on GRE
congratulations !!

Outstanding results
Outstanding results by our students Vivelk,Satyajit and Abhinav Sinha score 1420,1420 & 1390 respectively on GRE congratulations !!

Why to study in Singapore ?


Studying in Singapore  offers students a high degree of flexibility both of the study mode and the contents of the course chosen. For example Master Degree modules can be taken over an extended period of two years, making it possible to study and work at the same time. 


  • What are some of the programmes targeted at executives at the senior management level?

    Some examples of the programmes designed to challenge the minds of senior executives are the Stanford - NUS Executive Programme in International Management and the Wharton - SMU General Management Programme. These courses combine the best of East and West offering valuable management perspectives from both the United States and Asia to help executives achieve their business goals. In addition, they provide an excellent platform for networking as more than 50% of the participants are from outside Singapore. The participants are carefully selected to ensure a good ensure a good mix from different countries as well as different industries. Over at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), the "Job of the Chief Executive" programme, a collaborative effort with the International Institute for Management Development, is a programme designed to help the leaders of a company drive corporate performance in an ever-changing and complex business landscape.

  • What are the top universities of the Singapore?

       1]  National University of Singapore
       2]  Nanyang Technological University
       3]  Singapore Management University
       4]  SIM University
       5]  Singapore University of Technology and Design

  • What would be my Job prospect?

    Getting a job in Singapore is much easier than in many other countries, and companies pay    globally competitive compensation packages Singapore-based jobs from companies ready to employ foreign professionals.

  • Cost of Living

    The standard of living in Singapore is amongst the highest in Asia. Compared to countries in western continents, the cost of living here is relatively low, and basic items like food and clothing are very reasonably priced. An international student in Singapore spends on average about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses. This amount of course, varies depending on your individual lifestyle and course of study.