IELTS Top Scorers Omkar Kale - Band 7, Padmaja Kanade - Band 7, Akash Evans - Band 7.5, Hrushikesh Bhosale - Band 7.5 Congratulations...!! GMAT Top Scores Fazal Ahmed - 760, Dinesh Goteti - 750, Binay Singh - 740, Arun Agarwal - 720, Harmeet Singh - 700 Congratulations...!! GRE Scores Nishigandha - 320, Ayushi Jain - 317, Rajesh Subramanyam - 316, Rupesh Kothari - 315 Congratulations...!!

Star performers Magnus
Fazal Ahmed-760,
Dinesh Goteti- 750,
Arun Agarwal- 720
Harmeet Singh-700
score on GMAT..

Binay Singh
Binay Singh scores 740 on GMAT on 8th July'10 Congratulations
congratulations !!

Rushi & Rahul Bansal
Rushi & Rahul Bansal score 1400 & 1340 respectively on GRE
congratulations !!

Outstanding results

Outstanding results by our students Vivelk,Satyajit and Abhinav Sinha score 1420,1420 & 1390 respectively on GRE congratulations !!

Why to study in Germany ?


Higher Education institutions in Germany combine age-old traditions and modern technologies to allow students to develop their knowledge in a variety of ways. The diverse range of Higher Education opportunitiesin Germany cannot be matched by any other European country. The education landscape is organized across more than 383 Higher Education institutions and has a study course for every kind of student, in every kind of environment. 

Choice of subject
Opportunities for learning and developing individual talents are abundant in Germany which is best seen in the wide choice of degree programs available to students. The range of study options, courses, and qualifications offered by German universities is both wide and diverse, opening up the very best opportunities. In this way, Higher Education institutions in Germany are unique as they encourage personal development through their programs and the combinations available enable all students to find a program to suit their particular skills, talents, and interests.

Research & teaching
German universities are leaders in research and teaching. Great importance is placed on basic research and the very latest knowledge is passed on from top-class researchers around the world to students. The excellent training offered at German universities is built on the close unity of research and teaching that is unrivalled.

Combination of theory with practice
Programs at universities in Germany are structured in a way that directly links theory with practice. The close cooperation between universities and industry enables students to gain an insight into the world of work whilst completing their studies, an experience that will help them in building their future career. With both interdisciplinary and international research cooperation, many Higher Education institutions in Germany have good connections with multinational firms in Germany and abroad, increasing the employability of students.

International Recognition
A study period in Germany will guarantee students an internationally-recognized degree as the education system has undergone major transitions to bring it in line with the Bologna Declaration and on level with education systems within the European Union. In addition, German universities have achieved excellence through establishing world-wide networks. Higher Education institutions have a strong international focus, with students and faculties from around the world, as well as an interdisciplinary approach. They provide opportunities for international student exchange in a study environment that combines the world’s best researchers and ideas.


German language necessary for admission
It's a misconception among many of us that studying abroad in Germany will not be comfortable for non-German speaking students. German Universities and educational Institutes always keep international students in their mind whenever they design or renew their educational curriculum and all other related agenda. Educational instruction is optional so that one can choose English as medium of instruction while the environment encourages learning German language.