IELTS Top Scorers Omkar Kale - Band 7, Padmaja Kanade - Band 7, Akash Evans - Band 7.5, Hrushikesh Bhosale - Band 7.5 Congratulations...!! GMAT Top Scores Fazal Ahmed - 760, Dinesh Goteti - 750, Binay Singh - 740, Arun Agarwal - 720, Harmeet Singh - 700 Congratulations...!! GRE Scores Nishigandha - 320, Ayushi Jain - 317, Rajesh Subramanyam - 316, Rupesh Kothari - 315 Congratulations...!!
Star performers Magnus
Fazal Ahmed-760,
Dinesh Goteti- 750,
Arun Agarwal- 720
Harmeet Singh-700
score on GMAT..

Binay Singh
Binay Singh scores 740 on GMAT on 8th July'10 Congratulations
congratulations !!

Rushi & Rahul Bansal
Rushi & Rahul Bansal score 1400 & 1340 respectively on GRE
congratulations !!

Outstanding results
Outstanding results by our students Vivelk,Satyajit and Abhinav Sinha score 1420,1420 & 1390 respectively on GRE congratulations !!



  • What are the Topics covered under TOEFL - IBT?

    They cover four main topics- Reading ,Writing,Speaking and listening.

  • Where Can People Take the Test?

    The TOEFL test is offered in 180 countries around the world at institutional locations, such as colleges and universities testing centers operated by Prometric, a division of Thomson Learning. In areas where access to computer-based testing or Internet-based testing is limited, a paper-based version of the test is administered on specific dates. The paper-based TOEFL test is generally offered at institutional locations such as colleges and universities.

  • Who Accepts TOEFL Scores?
    More than 6,000 colleges, universities, and licensing agencies in 110 countries accept TOEFL scores.

  • What is a good score on the TOEFL? 

    The highest score on the paper TOEFL is 677. The highest score on the computer TOEFL is 300. Most people now still use the paper TOEFL scores, even though most students take the computer TOEFL. The score that you need depends on the university that you want to go to; you will need to contact the university to find out. In general, however, the score requirements range from 133 to 250 (CBT scoring) or 450 to 600 (PBT scoring). Some universities will tell you that they don’t have a minimum requirement; usually theseuniversities are the best ones, such as Stanford or Harvard. However, even though they don’t have a “requirement,” most of the people who go to these universities have TOEFL scores from 267 to 300.

  • How can I get good score in TOEFL IBT?

    Some people can raise their scores by speaking and watching television and American movies, other people can raise their scores by studying the TOEFL. The answer really depends on the student.

  • What’s the difference between the computer TOEFL and the paper TOEFL?

    There are many differences between the CBT TOEFL and the paper TOEFL. The biggest difference between the CBT TOEFL and the paper TOEFL is that the CBT TOEFL requires an essay. Also, the CBT TOEFL has some new question types that we have not seen before on the paper TOEFL.

  • Which TOEFL is easier? The computer TOEFL or the paper TOEFL?

    Most people agree: the paper TOEFL is much easier than the CBT TOEFL. For example, the listening on the CBT TOEFL is much harder than the listening on the paper TOEFL and the CBT TOEFL has an essay that you have to write. However, everybody is different, and you may find the CBT TOEFL easier.

  • What’s the difference between the Institutional TOEFL and the International TOEFL?

    Some people have heard about the “institutional TOEFL.” The Institutional TOEFL is the TOEFL that is given by an “institution” (such as a company or a language school) so that they can measure the English level of the people who take the test. The score you receive from this test is NOT accepted by every university in the world. However, many colleges will accept a TOEFL score from the Institutional TOEFL. If you want your TOEFL score to be accepted at every university in the world, then you need to take the International TOEFL.

  • When should I register for TOEFL and what is its process?

    You have to register for the appointment of TOEFL test at least 3-4 months prior to the test date. As the seats will be filled up soon, you have to register your appointment as early as possible. An easy way to register for TOEFL test is by online. Besides, you also have other options to register by mail or by phone.

  • How many times can I take the TOEFL test?

    You can take the test for as many times as you can. Your previous scores will be reported, but many colleges consider the most recent score. However, many students retake the TOEFL test.

  • How much doest the TOEFL cost?

    In India, students have to take Internet Based TOEFL which costs US $165 fees for registering an appointment.

  • How should I prepare for TOEFL-iBT?. How to Apply?
    Obtain the “TOEFL Information Bulletin” available free with Prometric Testing Services and USEFI. The Test Scheduling Form comes with the bulletin. There are three ways to register:
    Registering by Phone: You may call up Prometric office until 12:00 noon to register. Make sure to call at least THREE BUSINESS DAYS before the test date.
    Registering by Fax: If registering by fax, you must send your fax at lest SEVEN DAYS prior to your first choice of a test day.
    Registering by Mail/Courier: Fill in the form, get the draft made (if you are not paying by credit card), and submit these to the Prometric Centre either by hand or by registered post/courier. You must send the documents at least THREE WEEKS before your choice of a test day.

  • How to get my TOEFL scores?

    Within 15 business days of your test day, your TOEFL score will be posted online on College Board website. Later the official mail will be sent to you and for the institutions you selected.

  • For how long is my TOEFL score valid?

    Your TOEFL score is valid for only two years. In other words, two years after you take your TOEFL, your score will be deleted from the official TOEFL database, and TOEFL will not send you another report of your score. If you still have a copy of your original score, you can ask the university whether they will accept it, but most universities will not accept a copy from you; they require a score sent directly from TOEFL.

  • Should I type or handwrite the essay for the computer TOEFL?

    The easy answer is this: you should type your TOEFL essay if you can! However, if you cannot type very fast, you should handwrite your TOEFL essay. If you type your TOEFL essay, you should receive your TOEFL score within two weeks. If you handwrite your TOEFL essay, it might take up to five weeks to receive your Toefl score.

  • How long are my TOEFL scores valid?

    Once a test is taken, it will be valid for 2 years after the test date.

  • Can I change my test date after receiving my confirmation ticket?

    No, it is not possible to change the test date after receiving the confirmation ticket. You have to freshly apply for the new appointment of the test. You may then request a partial refund for the first paid registration fee, within 60 days of the original test date.

  • Which colleges/universities accept TOEFL scores?

    There are more than 5000 colleges, universities and licensing agencies in more than 90 countries that accept TOEFL scores and is considered as the most acceptable English-proficiency test in the world.