Star performers Magnus
Fazal Ahmed-760,
Dinesh Goteti- 750,
Arun Agarwal- 720
Harmeet Singh-700
score on GMAT..

Binay Singh
Binay Singh scores 740 on GMAT on 8th July'10 Congratulations
congratulations !!

Rushi & Rahul Bansal
Rushi & Rahul Bansal score 1400 & 1340 respectively on GRE
congratulations !!

Outstanding results
Outstanding results by our students Vivelk,Satyajit and Abhinav Sinha score 1420,1420 & 1390 respectively on GRE congratulations !!

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GRE Classroom Coaching 15000 Enroll 
GRE Correspondence Course 4500 Enroll 
GRE Online Tutoring 18000 Enroll 


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GMAT Classroom Coaching 18000 Enroll 
GMAT Correspondence Course 4500 Enroll 
GMAT Online Tutoring 20000 Enroll 


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SAT Classroom Coaching 18000 Enroll 
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Admission Counseling for Fully Paid P.hd in USA, Germany and any other country 20000 Enroll 
Admission Counseling for MBA in USA, Germany,Singapore 18000 Enroll 
Admission Counseling for MBA in other countries- UK, Australia, New Zealand 12000 Enroll 
Admission counseling for MS in USA,Germany ,Singapore 15000 Enroll 
Admission Counseling for other countries 10000 Enroll 

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Essay Editing 4500/- per essay Enroll 
Resume Editing 1500/- Enroll 

Note - We also offer the services for ‘Case studies’, ‘Thesis Writing for P.hd.’&‘Crique writing’ for the top universities e.g. Harward, Stanford, and London School of business etc.

We have the well qualified writers/Editors from reputed universities e.g. IIMs and others with highly trusted expertise and very rich experience in writing field.