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in Rockville if he does not post bail over the weekend. State police said the charges related to "an improper video" that was viewed by several juveniles on the social media site
Wholesale jerseys from China Snapchat. The warrant for Sirois was not available Friday. The investigation that led to his arrest has been underway for about a week, police said. Smith Principal Lou DeLoreto said Friday that Sirois had been fired. His name had been scrubbed from the district’s website in recent days, but before Friday school officials had declined to comment on his status. "Mr. Sirois has been terminated from his coaching position and he does not hold any other positions at the school," DeLoreto said. "Prompt and immediate action was taken when the school became aware of this matter." "The board shares the concerns that parents and the public at large will have in receiving this news. The board has always and will continue to uphold high standards for its staff and anyone working with children,"

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Articles Connexes?

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