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with a bad guy in power? Third, no, we didn’t "win" the war at any point and, no, President Obama isn’t to blame. Lately, in an attempt to strike a two fer coupon deal (defending the war while simultaneously striking one against Obama), the argument goes: "We were winning the war until "Obummer" decided to pull the troops out!" This is about as intellectually dishonest as it gets, since it was Dubya not Obama who decided on the troops’ withdrawal timetable. Again, facts are facts, and they are nothing if not inconvenient. And no, at no point were we victorious in Iraq, unless by winning you mean a temporary win over a nebulous enemy, which required us to maintain a combative presence in the nation indefinitely. I may not be a general, but that isn’t victory. This is, of course, not an assessment of our excellent troops Iraq was simply not winnable. Fourth, there is the logical elephant in the room that, even assuming Saddam had WMDs, he would have used them against us, the entire

people training and development, global sourcing organization, and cross function and collaboration. : Are those three much different from the challenges that faced procurement people 10, 15 or 20 years ago? Gocke: I would say that 10 or 15 years ago, procurement was still fighting for, let say, organizational significance. Have they listened and do they have the right organizational position? In most organizations we see right now, this point has been reached
NHL jerseys already. There not so much a challenge anymore for procurement to be accepted as a strategic business partner inside the organization or to be accepted as the adding value partner in the organization. So now it more how to move forward in this significant strategic position inside
Cheap nike jerseys an organization. The war for talent [is seen] in all three regions, by the way. It not only a European or an American issue. people, people will also face the procurement department, for sure. : You mentioned a moment ago that procurement has become more accepted as an integral

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Articles Connexes?

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