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"Let me share now what Bill Gates said to me last week while we enjoyed lunch" or "Sure good to be with your group again. Maybe you watched Matt Lauer interview me yesterday on The Today Show,
Cheap jerseys from China so I’m not really a stranger to you this morning." Mention famous people and events only if they are highly relevant to your message. Even then, focus on their expertise, not yours. Remember That Your Audience Didn’t Tune Into the Travel Channel Not only do they not really care where you have been or where you are going next, giving them your itinerary could become quite offensive. Have you heard opening lines like these? "Pardon me if I’m a little groggy, didn’t get much sleep last night on that long flight back from Hawaii" or "This is a lovely auditorium. Sort of reminds me of the cruise ship I spoke on last week as we spent seven days in the Caribbean." Chances are good that many of your listeners don’t enjoy the changes of scenery you get professionally

so prepare. Think about when and where you and the other person are most likely to have the best possible conversation. Choose a time when you’ll have a good chance of not being interrupted. Choose a location that feels "neutral" to both of you. Things will to better when both people are comfortable. What will be the mutual benefit of making the change or taking the action or stopping the action whatever you are suggesting? If you are responding to another person who is complaining, shift to benefits quickly. Mention why it is good to have the conversation. Even "clearing the air" or understanding the views of the other person is a good outcome. Make it clear there is a good reason to have an unpleasant conversation. Whatever is making this difficult, being disrespectful or rude is likely to make things worse. Demonstrate respect by listening and trying to understand. Don’t interrupt, and don’t bring up
Cheap jerseys the past. Look for points of agreement, focus on the good outcome

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Articles Connexes?

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